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"ALL things in life is TEMPORARY. If it goes well, enjoy it, that wont last forever. If it goes wrong, dont worry, it cant last long". [Dinda]

Di hari terakhir Sarasehan Nasional, sambil senyum dengan wajah tegang Adin nanya "Gimana kang?"

Jawaban saya, "Semuanya pasti akan berlalu juga, din. Semua hal ada akhirnya".

Altai-Asia Students Forum (1)

Alexander Karlin and Victor Tolokonskiy highly appreciated the platform of the Asian Students’ Forum "Education without borders. Altai - Asia 2012 "

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            Governor of Altai Region Alexander Karlin and the RF presidential authorized representative Victor Tolokonskiy highly appreciated the platform of the Asian Students’  Forum "Education without borders. Altai - Asia 2012 "at the International management Forum “Altai. points of Growth”.
            At the entrance high-status guests were met by the Forum participants  dressed in national costumes of the countries they represent accompanied by live Eastern music. They had the honor to present to the authorities portfolios of honorary members.
            ASU Rector Sergey Zemlyukov presented a platform, commented on the discussion sections and summed up the results. He noted that together with delegations from 14 countries and 54 universities it has been managed to build a constructive dialogue, conduct experience exchange in planning and implementation of various projects, and find out trouble issues.
             Foreign participants continued their work on the sections where they presented their projects. Students of Northeastern University (China) spoke about the opportunities of getting  higher education in China and has shared news  that the rectors of universities ASU (Russia) and Northeastern University (China) officially agreed to cooperate.
              The delegate from Indonesia, Tanri presented a social business project «Bina Desa», created to help people in less developed villages of his native country. Within the project framework, people living in these places, were able to find new areas of income: the production of chocolates, cultivation of medicinal herbs, etc.
               Finally, John Yeo from Singapore made his report. He told the audience about the importance of creativity and creative thinking, as well as the perception of these concepts by people of different ages.
               After the speeches, everyone could ask their questions to the invited guests of the platform. Topical issues such as an insufficient accommodation in dormitories for foreign students, the idea of cooperation with Asian countries were considered in the discussion. One of such ideas is the creation of the Russian-Asian University in Altai region. According to the opinion ofAlexander Karlin, such a proposal was transferred to the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, who, in turn, supported the initiative. The issue is being under consideration at present.
              Altynbek , a participant from Kazakhstan asked a crucial question about the appropriateness of such international forums and the prospects for their development to Victor Tolokonskiy. The answer was the following:
             - The form of such cooperation between the countries will surely be expanded. Siberia  is the macro-region, which is the closest to Asia and it is our plus, we need to develop this cooperation.
                After the meeting, the governor and the RF presidential authorized representative marked the high level of platform work organization and wished the participants success in implementing new international innovation projects.
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